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August 23, 2013
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Curiosity by Krossan Curiosity by Krossan
Inspired by:…

Still practicing my own style. :3

Story? Anyone?
-Dan had to face several things: he was powerless and cops and hunters were after him. He needed to avoid them all to get to Jazz for help.
He took his cape and place it on him as a hoodie just by trying to "hide" (just a little bit) his identity from the people. They now knew that Dan was an aggressive ghost and they needed to be on guard.
It was late. There were still people around. Dan had to act fast. He hated to be in contact with tensed him and stressed him a lot but there was no time to argue his situation. Sirens were heard from the distance and they were getting closer and closer in every second. It was a BAD sound alert. He thought that if he began to run, the situation would look more suspicions.
Not too far, there was a kid, sitting on a bench playing with a wooden-horse-toy. The little boy was waiting for her mother who was about to finish organizing her documents.
Dan was exhausted, he could barely walk fast and his body began staggering. There was no other way out. The patrols could now be seen approaching fast at Dan's direction. He took a deep breath and moved towards the bench where the kid was. He sighed of fatigue as he sat on the bench. The kid looked at him. Dan didn't turned his eyes on him. He lower his head and turned his eyes in order to see where the cops where.
Dan's heartbeat began to beat faster as he noticed that the patrols were passing just in front of him... slowly. He needed to breath. Powerless and now the cops having ghost-hunting-upgrades in their weapons was dangerous for him. He took a long deep breath and tried to relax. Acting 'weird' is the only thing that makes it suspicious.
-"Hum... excuse me... are you alright?"-a voice called. Dan turned just to find out that the boy was there... still looking at him. -"Yes. I'm alright"- Dan responded, uncomfortable.
-"Why are there so many patrols around?"
-"I have no idea..."
Dan tried to reply to the kid's questions as normal as he could... but deep in him, he started getting more uncomfortable. He didn't like to have a conversation with other humans.
-"Who are you? Where're you from?"-Those where questions Dan needed to avoid. "It's better if you don't know."-he replied.
-"Do you think we're safe?"- the kid continued. "Safe?" Dan thought, looking at the kid, confusingly.
-"That ghost... the one with flaming hair...there are rumors spreading around." Dan continued listening to the kid's words, as if he didn't know a thing. -"People say he's extremely dangerous... but not for me. I think he's helping. The creatures are appearing less and less... I think they're scared.... scared of him. I haven't seen him doing something terrible. If he had, he would have done it days ago, don't you think?"
Dan didn't say a word. For once, he heard from someone else saying something positive about him... he smirked.

Character©Danny Phantom
DP:LD and ART©Krossan R., 2013 - Krossan
Made with The GIMP 2.6.11
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